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Dyenamo Electronic Load with Built-in Boost Supply


Product description:
DN-AE04 is a computer controlled electronic load designed for the characterization of high current devices such as large solar cells, fuel cells and batteries. With a maximum design current of 20 A (DN-AE04H), it far exceeds the capabilities of all but the most powerful (i.e. expensive) source measure units (SMU), while remaining at a fraction of the cost of such instruments. By integrating a powerful 3.3 V boost power supply in the instrument, zero-voltage operation is conveniently enabled without the need of additional equipment. Despite the high current handling capabilities, the instrument has a very compact footprint of 15 x 10 cm and can be powered directly from the USB-port, making it highly portable. The instrument also comes with a user-friendly software package for solar cell characterization by I-V curve tracing, MPP tracking and many more methods. Software for other applications (batteries, fuel cells, solar fuel and more) is under development. Contact us for more details!


  • Maximum current:4 A (AE04L) / 10 A (AE04) / 20 A (AE04H)
  • Maximum voltage over load:30 V
  • Maximum power dissipation:55 W
  • Measurement resolution:12 bit
  • Voltage sense:Local (2-wire) or Remote (4-wire)
  • Maximum sampling rate17 Hz
  • Integrated boost power supply voltage:3.3 V
  • Integrated boost power supply maximum current:16 A (AE04H: 20 A)
  • Computer interface:USB 2.0

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