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Dyenamo your R&D partner for nanoscale solar energy converters 

Buy our standard materials

All Dyenamo standard materials are made in our well-equipped Swedish laboratories. They are available in various batch sizes, from research up to large-volume production. Please click on the product categories below for product descriptions.  

» Organic sensitizing DSSC dyes

» Metal-organic sensitizing DSSC dyes

» Cobalt-complexes for DSSC electrolytes

» Components for "Perovskite solar cells"

» Solar fuel materials

Dyenamo is exclusive European distributor for our partner Heptachroma’s DSSC materials and equipment. For more information regarding the material products, click on the categories below. Materials are available in batch sizes from smaller research batches to large-volume DSSC production.  

» FTO glass

» Screen-printable pastes

» DSSC working and counter electrodes

» Sealant materials

» DSSC electrolytes

If you cannot find your material of interest among our standard materials, it can be easily accessed on demand by clicking here.


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